Portals Short Film

Portals aka Portal 2. Short Film Shot on Motion Picture Film Super 8 format. Currently in pre-production.


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Helping to keep motion picture film alive, we are paying homage to cinema, past and present. Using Kodak Vision 3 negative film (cut down from the 35mm stuff that Tarantino and Spielberg uses), we hope to produce a 10 min (approx.) Super 8 short showcasing various old school lighting and other effects. Our idea is more in the B Movie style with science fiction and noir themes throughout. Mostly the film stock will be a mix of new Kodak Vision 3 colour film and Kodak Tri-X black and white, not to mention some expired film from other Super 8 film producers for a certain look. With support from fans of small, no, micro productions, we can achieve what we have been planning through the pandemic with a one man crew and a one man actor, the two of us have been creating a fun script that will be almost entirely visual (minimal dialogue) and shot on location in Northern Ireland. Go the SUPPORT US page for information on how to help.

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Achieving our budget goal will alleviate some of the technical hurdles and allow us to complete the production and to move forward with future ideas (already in planning). I am incredibly grateful to anyone who supports us no matter how many coffees you buy. All of the money will be on the screen, should people be kind enough to send us any. 1 or 100 is good enough for us. To help out, simply CLICK ON THE BUTTON BELOW and donate.

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Contact Us

Portals is being made by 2 independent filmmakers. If you have any queries, please get in touch below.

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Thank You

And if you have sent us donations (over at buymeacoffee.com/s8donate) to help pay for the film, we are eternally grateful. All the money goes on the screen and we appreciate your support for local, independent filmmakers.

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